Jack Russell Terrier - Active, Determined Companions

Jack Russell Terriers relish close contact with the humans they love. They are very adaptable in many ways, but they do demand enormous amounts of physical and mental activity that are meaningful and satisfying to the dog. It is not easy to wear one out.
JRTs also have an assertive nature and require discipline and acceptance of their pluck and courage. They pack a big-dog attitude. They can sometimes be bullies to the biggest dogs they encounter, but they can also curl up for a nap next to a beloved companion.
There are many ways to provide fun outlets for the dog’s energy. If you spend time tossing a ball or Frisbee at a set time each day, the dog will anticipate this quality activity time. It is wise not to encourage too much tug of war, because these dogs can develop an attitude of always wanting to be the winner, which may encourage behavior that is too assertive. Arrange the game of tug or toss so you and the dog take turns winning. The Jack Russell Terrier needs to know that the humans in his family, including the children, hold a rank in the family pack that is higher than his. This is not the dog to lend your car keys or credit cards to.

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