Jack Russell Terrier - Courageous And Reckless

If you can commit time and attention to a devoted, quick, intelligent companion, then the Jack Russell Terrier may fit into your life. You may find you are the dog’s pet. It is quite like having a child in that you must devote a great deal of attention to where the dog is and what he is doing any given moment. A Jack Russell is brave to the point of abandon, and you must prevent him from self-destructing;  more JRTs die from accidental deaths than from old age. If protected from themselves, they can live to be 20 years old. But you take on the job as the human parent to this clever, sometimes devilish companion.
Jack Russells need patient, vigilant guidance whenever they are awake. In a split second they have been known to bolt out of a door and across a road. If they spot a chipmunk or a squirrel, no amount of calling will get them to stop. They never see the trucks coming – they only see the object of their attention. No amount of obedience training will ever guarantee this dog’s obedience. They have selective hearing and can completely ignore you. Heartbreak may be the result if you take chances.
It is always prudent to keep a Jack Russell on a leash in any situation where you could possibly lose control of the dog. Somehow they have such a spirit of adventure that their fearless nature compels many to make a bold leap into impending disaster without a split second of hesitation. There are many cases of Jack Russells leaping out of car windows at high speed. Heaven only knows why! I was on a lake one day when one of my own JRTs leaped out of the boat in the middle of the lake. He was rescued from the deep water with a fishing net. I do not know why my dog Cricketson jumped out of the boat. No way could that dog have swum to shore!
It is if JRT’s are shooting stars with a brilliant light that shines through life, never looking back. They leave people who loved them in amazement and sorrow as they jump into danger’s gaping jaws without fear or hesitation. It is desperately hard for those of us who love them to know why this self-destructive element is so strong in them. But when they decide they want to pursue some course of action, they are willing to do just about anything. That is why we must protect them so vigilantly from themselves.

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