Jack Russell Terrier - Not An Apartment Dog

Because the Jack Russell Terrier is small and very cute, many have been brought into small city apartments and condos and left alone while people work all day. The restrictions of being left alone in a confined place all day has made for some surprised owners, who come home to find their apartment ransacked by the bored dog. If left to entertain themselves, JRTs can be very busy doing things humans don’t like. That havoc is very entertaining to the dog, though.
This is not a dog who can be crated for long hours and left alone. It is, in fact, cruel to crate a Jack Russell Terrier for more than an hour or two. They do not thrive with such restrictions to their physical need for lots of exercise and their mental requirement to engage their minds in interesting activity.
Because of their enormous need for activity, JRTs are often misunderstood and even rejected. They can easily become unruly without good human leadership. Confused owners unprepared for the needs of the dog sometimes seek to place them with rescue groups or surrender them to shelters when they can no longer cope.
It is extremely important to be prepared for the basic characteristics and personality of any breed before getting one. People often spend more time selecting a pair of shoes than they do a companion animal that they will share their lives with for up to twenty years.
With his boundless energy, the Jack Russell is a challenge not everyone is prepared to provide for or cope with. Not all dog owners are up to the task of living with such a bold, devil-may-care breed.

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