Jack Russell Terrier puppies

The JRT puppy goes through an alligator stage where the entire world is centered in his mouth and those tiny sharp teeth. Expect puppies to be very active with their mouths. Teething may make the dog mouthy, too.
They normally play roughly and practice “killing” socks or toys. This behavior is completely normal. If you walk by, they may grab your pant leg and pretend they have caught you. It can be very funny, but do limit and discourage any really rough play. Do not encourage aggressive behavior. It may be cute when they are puppies, but it won’t be cute later.
They can be terrible teenagers, too, but they soon mature. Keeping a Jack Russell Terrier well exercised is the best way to control this behavior. In fact, most behavior problems can be handled by extensive exercise. Exercise can help soften their zealous nature and single-mindedness.
Be gently forgiving of puppies playing like big hunting dogs. It is amazing to see the instincts present in a little dog only weeks old!

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