Jack Russell Terrier Rescue

Instead of a puppy, you might want to consider a recycled Jack Russell Terrier. Perfectly wonderful dogs sometimes have to find new homes. It is not any fault of the dog. Humans get ill or move where they cannot keep a pet. People get divorced and can no longer care for a pet.
Dogs who need homes are most often adults. They are spayed or neutered and housetrained. Russell Rescue Inc., the rescue organization associated with the JRTCA, screens all dogs and is very careful not to place any dogs with known behavior problems or serious health issues. Rescue also screens the homes these dogs go to. All adoptions are by application.
Often rescue dogs go to foster homes before they are adopted, so the foster family learns a great deal about the dog in their care. You might enjoy being a foster home and eventually adopting a dog in your care. Rescues need foster homes as much as they need funds to carry out the work of rescue. All foster homes need containment for a dog and an understanding of the needs of the breed.
Some shelters and humane societies keep a list of people who apply to adopt a specific breed. Please know that Jack Russell’s do not fare well in shelters. Being in such unfamiliar surroundings and under such stress can make a Jack Russell behave uncharacteristically shy or aggressive toward the other dogs in holding runs. This makes JRTs tough to adopt out. Some shelters will not take Jack Russell’s because of their distress at being sheltered. They often are completely undone and fall apart in such circumstances. But that same unhappy dog in the shelter may be a happy dog if she is played with outside for an interview.
Dogs with a second chance for a home make wonderful, loving pets. Many rescued dogs seem to understand their good fortune and express great gratitude and affection to those who have chosen them. A rescued dog can give you boundless love, and you can do a dog a great service by giving her a second chance at life in a permanent home. The love you give and the love you will get back from a rescue dog is very satisfying. It is a win-win situation for both of you.

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