Where Not To Get A Jack Russell Terrier

Backyard breeders and pet shops are not the best places from which to get a dog, nor is someone breeding a litter so their children can see “the miracle of birth.” These folks are not the best guardians of the breed.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are those who have bred their dogs but do not have the knowledge (or desire, or energy, or finances) to do what is necessary to produce the best dogs possible. This could be someone who has a female Jack Russell Terrier and wants puppies, and so breeds the female to a friend’s male down the street. No health checks were done, no studies of genetics or background checks were done, and in many instances the dogs may not have been registered, either. A backyard breeder may also be someone who hasn’t spayed the female and then doesn’t keep her safe when she comes into season and is bred by a wandering male. The puppies may or may not be purebred; the male (or males) may not even be known.
Most such people are not breeding for the future health and soundness of the breed. They have not looked over pedigrees and studied what stud dog would improve the qualities of their bitch and have not done all the appropriate homework and preparation for a litter of puppies. They likely have not had the bitch tested or even registered. Most such breeding’s are due to any convenient stud dog.

Why Not Buy from a Pet Store?

The only advantage to buying a JRT from a pet store is that you can have a puppy the day you walk in. There are many disadvantages. A pet store does not sell adults or rehome abandoned dogs. Many times the pups are taken from their dam and littermates way too early for their well-being.
Pet shops frequently buy their puppies from commercial breeding facilities (sometimes known as puppy mills) where there is little thought or care for the well-being of the puppy. Jack Russells in puppy mills are generally not registered with the JRTCA and there may be no way of verifying their pedigree—if, indeed, a pedigree is offered. Most puppy mill dogs come without pedigrees.
You’ll also pay a lot more than you would from a breeder, you won’t be able to see where or how the dog was raised, you’re unable to meet the dog’s relatives to see if they are the kinds of dogs you would want to have, and you won’t know the dog’s health history. Pet store employees won’t be able to show you how to groom your dog and won’t be able to answer any questions you have as the years go by. And if you have to rehome the dog, a pet store will never take her back. A reputable breeder will.
Pet shops are selling Jack Russell Terriers strictly to make a profit. Dogs bred only for dollars are the worst possible choice.

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